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Seeking the position of a Ship Superintendent or Maintenance Manager to lend expertise and Experience in Ship machinery  inspection, commissioning and maintenance operations in Marine or Heavy Machinery industry


  • Marine Engineer with over 19  years of experience including 18 years into ship engineering and 1 years as a Technical Superintendent in Engineering Product Design and Development, Procurement and Supply
  • Overseas exposure includes working as Marine Engineer/ Technical superintendent on different ships with staffs from India, Singapore, Greece, Thailand, Vietnam, and East European countries
  • Expertise in Troubleshooting and maintaining ship’s Propulsion machinery, Power Plant and other auxiliary equipments including slow and medium speed diesel engines, Power Supply Systems, Compressors, Purifiers, Pumps & Pumping Systems, Boilers, LPG compressors 2stage/ 3 stage, direct cooling/ cascade system, vertical and Horizontal both types
  • Excellent in Conducting analytical, environmental, operational, or performance studies in order to retrofit new systems or equipments
  • Competent in assessing the efficiency of Marine Engines, Purifiers, Compressors, Deck Machineries, Pumps  and structures
  • Hands on experience in drafting equipment or system layouts, detailed drawings and schematics, and other technical reports for use by engineering, management, or shore  personnel
  • Experienced in Interacting with Equipment Manufacturers for clarifying/resolving problems, and for suggesting on creating/editing designs
  • Experienced in preparing and prioritizing Dry Dock jobs and asking rate cards and quotations from the Dry-docks
  • Proficient in Pre-purchase inspection and preparing report
  • Proficient in MS Office, Power point presentation and internet skills


  • Possesses no bond with the current employer
  • Ready to relocate at the earliest


  • Large Slow speed Marine Diesel Engines
  • Marine Power Plant
  • LPG Gas compressors
  • LPG Cargo cooling system
  • AC / Refrigeration.
  • Machine Installation / Retro fittings.
  • HP / LP Air Systems
  • Centrifugal, Piston, Gear Pumps
  • Deep well pumps and its installations
  • Submersible pumps,
  • Steam and Gas Systems.
  • Large Hydraulic Motors/systems
  • Steering systems
  • Gas Tanker operation.


  • Master of Science (Maritime Operations & Management), City University London, UK – 2012
  • Marine Engineering Officer, Class – I (Motor, Unlimited Power), Mercantile Marine Department (Govt. of India), STCW , India – 2006
  • Diploma in Marine Engineering, The Calcutta Technical School (West Bengal State Council of Technical Education, Govt. of West Bengal), India – 1996


  • Elected Graduate Member of Institute of Engineers (India, Incorporated by Royal Charter, 1835) Membership No. G 542259 - 1.
  • Member of IMarEST, Membership No. 8020200
  • I.Eng (U.K Engineering Council), I.Mar.Eng (IMarEST, U.K)


  • Worked as a Marine Engineer on Ships in Singapore, Malaysia, UK and around the globe

Interacted with the Norwegian, American, Japanese, Vietnamese, Singaporean, British, Polish, Greeks, and Russian Colleagues/ clients.    


Organisation Designation Duration
BW Gas ASA Chief Engineer (Merchant Navy) Mar 2015 – Till Date
Mare Maritime Singapore Ltd Technical Superintendent Sep 2014 – Mar 2015
BW Gas ASA Chief Engineer Aug 2013 – Sep 2014
Selandia Ship Management Chief Engineer Apr 2013 – Aug 2013
Fleet Management Hong Kong Chief Engineer Nov 2010 – Jun 2011
Anglo Eastern Ship management Co. Ltd (Singapore) Chief Engineer Feb 2008 – Jun 2010
Anglo Eastern Ship management Co. Ltd (Singapore) Second Engineer Nov 2005 – Jan 2008
Anglo Eastern Ship management Co. Ltd (Singapore) Third Engineer Feb 2005 – Nov 2005
Barber Ship Management (Kuala Lumpur) & other Third Engineer Feb 2003 – Feb 2005
Great Eastern Shipping Co. Ltd (Mumbai) Fourth Engineer Oct 1998 – Feb2003
Junior Engineer Oct 1997 – May 1998


As a Chief Engineer

  • Preparing and maintain ship in a seaworthy condition before every voyage starts through checking the  condition of Propulsion, Navigation, Auxiliary and Deck Machinery Systems
  • Checking the Integrity of Ship’s Hull structure as per written action plan documented in Chief Engineer’s standing order book
  • Carried  out corrective action in case of any fault, discrepancy, failure in safety barriers or control measures
  • Conducting root cause analysis and reporting  to the company for any system or machinery failures and Providing suggestions to the Manufacturer and the company
  • Planning and designing alternative tools spares, or process in the engine room for efficient running of machinery systems
  • Updating knowledge by learning  machinery manuals, Marine Engineers Review, Motor ship and various other Marine engineering journals and periodicals
  • Design new system (if required) according to the new requirements of Administration, or to sort out some existing problems that is chronic with ship
  • Planning and execution of Major Overhauls like Main Engine Units, Main bearings, thrust bearings and 5 yearly dry docking of ships
  • Identifying and document timing of overhaul in view of commercial needs of the ship, the procedures, personnel to be involved and their specific responsibility
  • Briefing and training, plan precautionary measures and alternative procedures for any emergency situations
  • Preparing Dry-dock job list specifications, responsibility, Spare requirement, Steel work needed, removal and re-installation works if necessary
  • Discussing, prepare and documenting operational and maintenance procedures with subordinate engineers and Graduate trainees for the purpose of boosting their knowledge, achieving company goal, adding value to operational risk and work culture in the engineering department
  • Developing safety and health and environmental consciousness and making subordinate engineers understand the mandatory legal frame work
  • Accountable for appraisal of five engineers and their Continuous Professional Development and plan for their effective use according to their competence
  • Managing the quality control of ship’s machinery and systems ; planning and preparing the ship for external auditor or surveyor to conduct the quality control audits and surveys like, Oil Major Vetting, ISM audits, Internal/ External audits, Classification society and flag state surveys etc.

As a Second Engineer

  • Involved in identifying and reviewing maintenance requirements and develop specific procedures for all engine room and deck machineries on – board ships
  • Provided technical solution for breakdown maintenance, when appropriate tool or spares are not available and conducting trial and error methods or change course of action to device good solution
  • Analyzed the failure reasons based on the in situ evidence, like mark of corrosion, fretting, vibration, heating, wear & tear etc, and troubleshooting by consulting machinery manuals or chief engineer’s advice or a combination of them
  • Prepared maintenance reports, spares and stores consumption report after every maintenance incidence and submit them to Chief engineer for his approval
  • Supervised projects like 5 yearly dry docking or major overhauls or major jobs like steel or piping system renewal ensuring spares, and tools are utilizing as per procedures 
  • Ensured  all engine department personnel is functioning  compliance to safety and health regulations of SOLAS and MARPOL and observed environmental issues
  • Performing work with a concern to operational risk of safety, health and environment is way that itself promotes sustained growth of the company

As a Third and Fourth Engineer (operator level of Engineering)

  • Maintenance, overhauling and general operation of all machineries  during Watch keeping hours
  • Applied theoretical engineering knowledge for the periodic and break-down maintenance of four stroke Diesel Engines, Purifiers, Air compressors, and Boilers through referring Machinery Manuals and theoretical literatures
  • Identified problems and try to solve them and if remained unsuccessful, report them with documented data and diagrams (Like Diesel engine Indicator Cards) and Graphs (if necessary) to second engineer with recommendation
  • performed overhaul or maintenance jobs assigned ensuring procedures to observe specific rules, personal safety (like using proper personal safety gears), process safety (using isolation certificates, job permits, proper tools etc) and averting identified hazards (Checking for interlocks, safety barriers etc) in the operation in accordance with the company safety policies.

As a Technical Superintendent (Shore Based Experience) 

  • Oversee VLGC vessels & chemical Tankers and help company with inputs for Business development.
  • Developed and establish company’s SMS system and implement them on-board ships and shore office as I was with the employer from the beginning of their Ship management company.
  • Prepared Budget proposal for different owners, as per their needs and goals, to generate an optimum OPEX without compromising on ship’s safe operation.
  • Technical trouble shooting in many occasions.
  • Meeting and selecting ship suppliers basing on budget control factors.
  • Keeping the vessel ready within all relevant regulatory framework and class requirements at all times.
  • Imposing safety culture on-board ships through ship’s on-board management team.
  • Performing all other relevant job roles.



  • Planned Maintenance System (Short Course, 2013).
  • Marine Accident and Incident Investigation (Short Course, 2013).
  • MSc, Maritime Operations and Management – City University London (UK), 2011/2012
  • Training for Inspection and Survey Appraisal (Short Course) – Pentagon Maritime Training and Research Institute (India) - 2009
  • Revalidation course for Engineers – FOSMA (India) – 02.05.2011/ 12.05.2011
  • Diesel Engine Combustion Gas Monitor Simulation Course (Short Course) – LBS College of Advance Maritime Studies and Research (India) – 2006
  • Preparatory Course for Marine Engineering Officer, Class 1 (2 Months) – 2006 - LBS College of Advance Maritime Studies and Research – 2006
  • Specialised Training Program on Gas Tanker Operation (Management Level) - LBS College of Advance Maritime Studies and Research – 2004
  • Specialised Training Program on Oil Tanker Operation (Management Level) – Mercantile Marine Academy – 2001
  • And all other STCW Mandatory courses.

Risk, Safety, Environmental consciousness Development Courses:

  • Risk Assessment and Management (Short Course, 2013).
  • Safety Management System – Advanced (Short Course, 2013).
  • MSc, Maritime Operations and Management – City University London (UK), 2011/2012
  • Emergency Fire Fighting system and techniques – Company Internal Course, 2007
  • Dangerous Goods Handling Procedure - Company Internal Course, 2007
  • Actions in Case of Collision & Grounding - Company Internal Course, 2007
  • Professional Survival Craft and Rescue Boat Training – IIPM (India) - 2001
  • Advanced Fire Fighting (STCW ’95) – Maritime Training Institute (India) – 1998
  • Personal Safety and Social Responsibility Course (STCW ’95) - Mercantile Marine Academy – 1999

 Management & Leadership Skill Development Courses:

  • MSc, Maritime Operations and Management – City University London (UK), 2011/2012
  • On-board Training Program on Effective Communication – Company Internal Training, 2005
  • Bridge and Engine Room Resource Management – Indian Maritime Training Centre (India), 2003
  • Course on Port State Control - Company Internal Course, 2007.


Giving On-board Training on:

  • The use of Cargo handling system and use of Lifting Appliances.
  • MARPOL Equipments (Every Ship, Since 2008)
  • Oil Pollution. (Every Ship, Since 2008)
  • Fire Fighting Equipments on board Ships. (Every Ship, Since 2008)
  • Emergency Steering System. (Every Ship, Since 2008)
  • Various Emergency Procedures. (Every Ship, Since 2008)
  • Fuel Injector Testing Procedure. (Every Ship, Since 2008)
  • Attended many seminars as lecturers on ‘Energy Management’, ‘Retaining Crew with the company’,

& ‘Operational risk management’, to name a few.

LANGUAGE SKILLS: Proficient in English

REFERENCES - Available upon request

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