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Master, Port Captain

Vessel Operations

Dear Sir / Madam

I am an experienced Tanker Master with special skills and knowledge in Chemical Carrier Operations, but also several years experience as Master of Oil Product Carriers and Crude Carriers ranging from Aframaz size to VLCC. I have made also a trip of duty as the Mate, and later on as Master in a steam turbine propelled VLCC in 90’ties.

I have worked also as Port Captain in a Tanker Company, and short periods as a Supercargo in Chemical Carrier trade and as an Owners’ STS-Supervisor in Bunker Vessel trading in West-Africa.

I have been an Independent Member of Finnish Marine Accident Investigation Board on one Tanker Incident in Finland.

Please refer to CV for further details.

Now I am looking for a shore-based vacancy in the role of Port Captain, Supercargo or Marine Superintendent or Advisor in Operations, Safety and Training. With regard to my age of 58 years, I have a plan to stay in active work for another 10 years at least. The current retirement age in Finland is 65-68 years, and the tendency is to extend the average working life span.

I am proficient in English, German and Swedish languages, but can manage routine marine vocabulary and tasks in Italian as well. My native languages are Finnish ans Swedish.

Yours truly,

Captain Arto Juntunen

  • project mangement 1 years by 2015
  • Master at BSM
    2012 July - Nov 2014
    Master in Chemical Tankers
  • Master at Northern Marine Mgmt Ltd
    2006 June - Jun 2012
    Master in Chemical / Product tankers
  • Project Manager/Consult at Remal International Ltd
    May 2015
    Refitting a Passenger Vessel inland waters traffic
  • Captain unlimited
    Nautical at Kotka Maritime College
    1980 - 1986
  • Undergaduate
    General education at Kimpisen Lukio
    1969 - 1976
  • Captain unlimited Dec 2014
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