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Marine Technical Superintendent

Vessel Operations

Dear Sirs.

I´m a very experienced marine Chief Engineer, with almost 30 years of experience in the maritime Industry, mostly on board tanker vessels, also I have carried out duties ashore as Technical manager, technical superintendent, consultor and surveyor, marine Superintendent and base manager of offshore supply vessels.

I got my license of Merchant marine officer on July 1987, since then I have been working inside the maritime industry at different levels. In 1998 I got my license as Marine Chief Engineer. In 2009 I decided to go back to the University to get my specialist degree as Naval Inspector. In 2011 I got it. I was certified as naval inspector by the Venezuelan Maritime authority in April 2012.

It is a good challenge to get a job in your company as I´m quite motivated to start a new stage of my professional life inside a good corporation also in a shipbuilding industry.

As my nationality is Venezuelan I speak Spanish and English fluently.

I would like you to check my resume in order to realize my experience and to get the opportunity to be considered for a good position within your corporation.

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