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Shoreside Operations

Excellence in Operation Leadership and Business Management

Management professional with experience in the development, growth, and leadership of personnel. Known for continuous commitment to productivity improvements and cost cutting. Proven leader with experience in records management, safety, problem solving, and multi-tasking. Adaptive with the ability to quickly learn new applications and technology for business needs and priorities. Known to go above and beyond designated scope of work and title. Proficient in Microsoft Office (Work,Word,Excel,Powerpoint) and Adobe Acrobat.


Aggreko (May2013-Present)


Liaison for Decatur shop for any logistics, paperwork, shop business in absence of Operational Coordinator. Proactively ensured all paperwork and training was completed in a timely manner. Organized and revamped Decatur shop to improve safety, productivity, and cleanliness. Conducted timely and accurate inventory of shop warehouse. Trained all new employees in safety, forklift, and handhelds. Conducted repairs and upkeep of all machinery equipment.

Nixon Power (Oct2012-Apr2013)


Provided great customer service as the Alabama representative for Nixon Power and Kohler generators, acquiring new contracts, scheduling new and existing maintenance, and providing parts as needed. Maintained over ten thousand dollars in inventory in company vehicle without supervision. Provide training to all customers on equipment. Conducted repairs and upkeep on equipment. Maintained accurate and timely completion of all paperwork.

U.S. Coast Guard (May1992-Oct2012)

Station Green Bay - Green Bay, WI (May2008-Oct2012)

Executive Petty Officer

Second in command; maintained and managed the upkeep of up to five million dollars in unit’s property and equipment. Supervised and provided extensive training to over 100 active duty and volunteer personnel with the focus on safety, support, and security. Productively initiated, managed, and monitored long and short term budget for daily and special operations. Overseen hiring and work process to revamp unit grounds and facility. Encouraged the use of Risk Management models for self and others. Communicated clearly with supervisors, peers, and subordinates to ensure operations were completed correctly, safely, and exceeded expectations. Instilled trust, loyalty, pride, and teamwork in all personnel to ensure performance and accountability. Constantly applied, trained, enforced, and encouraged policies and directives passed down federally or by immediate supervisors. Helped facilitate a new asset monitoring program for the entire Coast Guard Great Lakes region. Title and jobs responsible for, but not limited to: Training Officer, Law Enforcement Officer, Safety Officer, Funds Manager, Maintenance Technician, Unit Liaison, MSDS Officer, and Grounds Keeper. Volunteered for Center of Childhood Safety in my spare time.

MWR Kodiak – Kodiak, AK (May2004-May2008)

Executive Petty Officer

Maintained and managed up to three million dollars in property, equipment, and advertising merchandise. Managed the Coast Guard boat rental and sales shop. Supervised and trained up to ten persons in sales, upkeep, maintenance, safety, and customer service. Maintained timely and accurate paperwork. Personally provide lessons to customers on safety and operation of rental equipment. Assisted the Chief Petty Officer in operating the Kodiak base movie theatre and bowling alley, training and supervising ten or more persons at each facility. Qualified to use various types of forklifts. Volunteered as Head Coach of local Under Twelve (U12) youth football team.

Cutter Liberty- Juneau, AK (May2002-May2004)

Machinery Technician/Officer of the Day

Maintained and managed over twenty million in parts and equipment for the engineering plant. Qualified as the Officer of the Day, responsible with the safe operation and upkeep of a 65 million dollar government asset. Took on roll of logistics petty officer with the departure of the Engineering plant lead. Maintained accurate paperwork and inventory of parts and warehouse. Trained up to seventeen persons in engineering, damage controls, and law enforcement. Took on roll of the health and wellness petty officer, training personnel in proper exercise and diet and coordinated unit sporting events. Volunteered for the Under Eight (U8) and Under Six (U6) youth soccer teams.



American Military University

 Hewitt Trussville High School

US Coast Guard

Leadership & Management System

 Supply Indoctrination

 Forklift Certification

 First Responder & CPR

 MSDS Hazmat Program

 Law Enforcement School

 Certified Diesel Mechanic

 Certified Outboard Mechanic

 Qualified Boat Crewman and Engineer

Nixon Power

Kohler Generator ATS School


(Oklahoma State University)

Minor Refrigeration

Decatur, Alabama,
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