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Construction/Commissioning Mechanical Engineer.

Shoreside Operations

Curriculum vitae

Profile: Mechanical Engineer with 27 Years experience, knowledge & understanding of Site Management, Rotating & Static Equipment Commissioning Inspection & Handover. Taking up challenges & can give good support to Project team in the area of Construction, Commissioning & Maintenance, developing maintenance procedures on Preventive & Corrective Maintenance. Expert in installations & repairs of Pump, Compressor, Turbine, Gas & Diesel Engine/Power Generators & all type of Vessels & Exchangers. Well versed with Safety, Site Integration Tests & Factory Acceptance Tests of all Mechanical Equipments on FPSO. I am a Result-oriented decisive leader, highly accomplished & eager to work, my leadership skills, knowledge & experience has helped the companies that I worked with. Having Good team management decision making, conceptual thinking, problem solving & ability to work under pressure. Computer proficiency, communication & interpersonal skills, fluent in written & spoken English.

Post Applied For:           Construction/Commissioning Mechanical Engineer.

Career in Short:

·Eni FPSO N'Goma in Malaysia/Singapore as FPSO Project/Construction/Commissioning Mechanical Engineer (Top Side).

  • MODEC FPSO Kwame Nkrumah MV-21 in Ghana as Commissioning/Mechanical Supervisor (Top Side).
  • Chevron in Angola: Mechanical Advisor.
  • FPSO Falcon & FPSO Kuito in Singapore & Angola for SBM: Sr Mechanical Technician.
  • SHELL Iran Offshore Ltd in Iran Sr Mechanical Technician.
  • Dubai Petroleum Company in UAE: Sr Mechanical Technician.
  • Abu Dhabi Oil Company in UAE: Mechanical Technician/Machinist.
  • I.T.C.  Limited in India. Machine Shop Foreman.
  • Yanbu Petromin Refinery in Saudi Arabia: Pipe Fitter/Machinist.
    • Worked for Refinery contractors in India.

Qualifications & Personal Details.

  • Indian Technical Institute: 3yrs Diploma in Mechanical Engineering. (August 1978 To July 1981)
  • St Elias High School: Senior Secondary Certificate. (SSC July 1978)
  • Don Bosco Computer Academy: Secretarial Practice & Special Software: AMOS, eDMS, eCDR, eCOM, Ez Search, CITRICS & Enterprise One & eProcurement Login. Knowledge of maintenance systems tools, CMMS, Data gathering & Management Engineering Operations.
  • Framo Engineering Swivel Stack Operator Training Course.
  • GE: LM2500+G4 Aero Package Operation/Familiarization Training.
  • Permit to Work. Job Safety Analysis and Task Risk Assessment. (PTW/JSA/TRA done at MODEC, Chevron, SHELL & Eni)
  • HSE case Rollout (Incident Investigation & Root Cause Analysis)  
  • CBTA’s. (Competency Based Training and Assessment Completed on Modec FPSO)
  • HV Switchgear & Protection Relay (GN05HV) 5 days Course. (Done in March 2011)
  • MOME: Management of Major Emergencies. (Valid Till 2013)
  • BOSIET: Safety Induction, HUET including EBS, Sea Survival, First Aid & Hypothermia & Boat Transfer. (Valid Till 2014)
  • Global Emergency Response: Fire Prevention & Fire Fighting Certificate. Advance Fire Fighting Certificate. (Valid Till 2014)
  • Date of Birth                                     :               1 August 1962
  • Nationality & Passport details           :               Indian; Z 1785951, Valid till 29 Sept 2018.

Summary: Project/Pre-commissioning/Commissioning of the following Utility & Process Systems: Instrument Air, Fire Water, Nitrogen Generator, Sea Water, Turbines, Diesel Fuel, Heating & Cooling Medium, Flash Gas, Fuel Gas, Flare Gas, Booster Gas & LP/IP/HP Gas Compression, Crude Oil Treatment & Separation, Water Injection, Methanol Systems, TEG dehydration/regeneration, Chemical Injection, Pedestal/Deck/Turret Cranes & all Turret related systems and handling facilities.

  • Coordination with the yard construction teams, planning of detailed Pre-Commissioning & Commissioning execution plan by system/ subsystems/ durations/ Manpower requirements/ vendor services & hand-over from Construction to Commissioning team
  • Supervises and coordinates commissioning activities on the Topsides & provide input as required ensuring that commissioning activities are completed as per schedule, ensuring that inter-discipline checks are performed by the commissioning team, coordination of all onsite vendors, ensuring that temporary utilities, tools, spare parts and consumables are available during the integration and commissioning execution phases.
  • Monitoring Pre-commissioning of all systems for mechanical and piping has been fitted correctly and all pump alignments have been carried out as per specification & tolerance, all internal inspections of tanks and vessels have been carried out correctly after flushing & hydro testing of pipe work onshore plus gross air leak testing. Monitoring chemical preservation of all internal process & utility pipe work ensuring all equipment is protected & preserved for sailing with specific checks for voyage to be documented.
  • Offshore coordination of main contractors for Pre-commissioning & Commissioning of Utilities and their auxiliaries of Process facilities like, Production lines leak test and dewatering with diesel. Gas lift and gas injection lines leak test and dewatering with nitrogen. Water injection lines leak test and flushing with treated water. Hot oil circulation and pigging of production lines. Preparation of commissioning and start up package assurance review. Ensuring that offshore activities performed by main contractors are compliant with project HSE procedures.
  • Accept handover of all Mechanical equipment from projects department including marked up drawing, software, manuals, spare parts, special tools etc. Provide input to work scope, planning activity, prepare material requisitions & ensure their withdrawal. Preparation of work packs, monitoring of punch lists and red lining of P&IDs. After completion of works ensuring feedback & close work orders in the maintenance database & produce certificates duly signed by involved parties & hand over to the certification engineer to check all relevant documentation are updated. Attending morning meeting with client to communicate day’s activities & attending evening commissioning team meeting to report day activities and next day’s plans.

Rotating Maintenance: Manage and Supervise complete Maintenance and Overhaul of all Mechanical Equipment and provide Mechanical expertise of plant equipment, isolate faulty components on rotating mechanical equipment, according to plan in order to assure the maximum equipment availability. Assuring that maintenance plans are fully compliant with production targets & long term reliability of Single and Multistage stage pumps, Centrifugal/ Reciprocating/Screw Compressor, Gas/Diesel engine driven generator. Participate in the planning, scheduling & major overhaul maintenance activities, establishing priorities, making modification proposals & failure analysis. Follow-up Turbine repair and maintenance activities on all types and models of Gas turbines such as GE- LM2500+G4, Rolls Royce Avon 200 series, Solar Centaur/Taurus/Saturn/Mars/Garret, Rolls Royce, Nuovo Pignone & GE frame 3 Gas turbines and turbine-driven equipment such as gas compressors, power generators & their accessories at company site, trouble-shooting & guide to resolve Turbine related problems. Alignment of Gas Compressor & Centrifugal pump, including removal of rotors with impellers to change out for re-staged impellers and new rotor, working on LP, IP, HP and Generator, with the removal & refitting of covers, rotors, pedestals segments, Gearboxes, couplings, white metal bearings, taking of actual radial clearances sizes on turbines rotor and blades clearances, pressure testing on steam pipe lines and valves, participate in performing Condition Monitoring of Rotating equipment and advice on the maintenance schedule based on the analysis & update the equipment data, history & Maintain records in the system. Static Equipment: like Tanks, Columns, Vessels, Scrubbers, Fin fans, Plate & Tube Exchangers, Media Filters, Separators, Degasser Units, Heat Exchangers, Piping, Flow Lines & Structural Equipment. Managing and supervise flare systems, loading of Catalyst, industrial cleaning of tanks and vessels which also includes the maintenance, troubleshooting, installation and inspection. Opening of manhole after proper isolation, removal of damaged columns, tray, valves, demister repair, removal of heat exchangers, plugging and hydro testing of unit, chemical cleaning, hydro jetting, brushing and air Shell/Tube test, inspecting internal installation & box-up are carried out according to procedures. Bolt torque on heat exchangers dome flanges, man way entries on reactors, vessels, tanks and separators. Perform inspection and approval of equipment flanges, bolts, nuts, gaskets prior box up activities and ensure all QA/QC requirements are maintained and achieved as per international standards of the project. Repair, clean & refitting different types of valves, Gate valves, globe valves, butterfly valves, shut-down valves, motor operated valves, control valves and safety valves, Identify correct gaskets and installations. Replacing of seals and motors on fin fans, testing & recertification of PSV’s done in the workshop. Health, Safety & Environment Responsibilities: • Comply with all security, health and safety instructions & attend Safety tours. • Stay vigilant and maintain continuous awareness of hazards and surroundings. • Report to Management on any issue they may face or observe and propose way of improvement. • Take care of colleagues safety and behaviour without hesitating to intervene where necessary. • Give own input and making sure the workplace is safe & carefully assess hazards and risks when changes occur. • Ensures that the contractors commissioning execution plan respects the HSE Plan. Using company safety procedures “STOP/MOC Card” • Comply with all HSE requirements at sites & Participates in project HAZOP, PTR reviews and audits as required. • Approve PTW and mechanical LOTO systems Hot & Cold work permit, Confined space entry permit. Job Safety Analysis/Task Risk Assessments & Toolbox Talks are completed.


June 2012 Till March 2014:Eni FPSO N'Goma as Project/Construction/Commissioning Mechanical Engineer in Malaysia. Job Responsibilities: Assist with Engineering department associated with the Refurbishment and Upgrade of all Mechanical Equipment in Engine room & Top side under direction of the FPSO Work Package Manager in Malaysia. Oversea travel during the Engineering, Construction and offshore installation phases, attending site survey on FPSO modules to review equipment deck layout & Utilities requirement, ensuring that safety issues are addressed during the installation & engineering while jobs are in progress. I was the Eni Representative for all major Site Integration Tests & Factory Acceptance Tests of all Mechanical Equipments on FPSO N'Goma which was done all over Europe & SE Asia. Job including photos/written reports. I have attended the following FATs: • Vapour Recovery Unit which was manufactured by “AIROFLUID” in Malaysia. •Sea Water Lift Pumps which was manufactured by “WEIR” in Scotland (UK). •Duel fuel Siemens Tornado Gas Turbines of approx. 5.45 MW (gas fuel) 1800 rpm, 6600 volts. Which was manufactured by “SIEMENS” in Lincoln (UK). •HP/IP/LP Gas Compressor which was manufactured by “SIEMENS” in Netherland. Fire Water Pumps manufactured by “PENTAIR” Netherland. Fire Water Engine manufactured by “FISCHCON” Netherland. •Turret Main bearing which was manufactured by “ThyssenKrupp Rothe Erde GmbH” in Germany. •Swivel Stack FAT which was manufactured by “RBDH Ingeniering” in France. Swivel unit #-1: Test/Production. Swivel unit #-2: Production. Swivel unit #-3: Water Inj. Swivel unit #-4: Pigging/hot oil. Swivel unit #-5/7: HP/LP Utility (chemicals) Swivel unit #6: High voltage. Swivel unit #8: Gas Inj/Lift. Swivel unit #-9: Low voltage. Swivel unit #-10: Optical. I have been filmed on FISCHCON Corporate video, manufacturers of Fire Water Engine & Pumps Netherland, you can watch this link

Transferred to Singapore Ship yard in May 2013:Coordinating and supervising the construction activities carried out by local and international contractors of all Rotating & Static Mechanical equipment on this project, ensuring that the offshore Construction operations requirements are implemented according to plan, Installation is done as per standard procedure and accuracy of all work performed by contractors are done as per specification, reviewing all the work packs for construction & making progress report of Alignment Inspection, Mechanical Completion, Valve Pressure testing, Load testing of Lifting Equipment, Bolt tensioning, HVAC Inspection and Material Inspection. Manage a team of construction supervisors to guarantee proper follow up of completion and acceptance of commissioning activities ensuring that the activities are carried out in accordance with approved check sheets and commissioning procedures, all pump alignments have been carried out as per specification & tolerance, ensuring equipment installation is correct and in line with the FPSO layout drawings and safety issues are addressed during the installation while jobs are in progress. I was also involved in the construction inspection & installation of the Turret, Supervise the Erection, Installation as per marked up system limits & plan layout, flushing of the HPU lines, N2 helium leak testing of the process lines, charging Pulsation Dampers with N2, Maintenance of the HPU system, Etc. Involved in all FAT and inspection of major Modules & Turret fabrication in Dyna-Mac and BT Engineering construction yard. Checking on NOEs, ITR-A/B, control and monitoring of Permit to Work System, review OTP for pre-commissioning & Commissioning of Topside & Marine systems including risk assessments & other related operating procedures as per vendor & client specification. Ensuring all internal inspections of tanks & vessels have been carried out correctly after flushing & hydro testing of pipe work, monitoring chemical cleaning of all internal process and utility pipe work and flange management. Ensuring the completion of all Pre-commissioning & Commissioning activities on Top side for all Mechanical equipments and all equipment are protected & preserved for FPSO sailing with specific checks for voyage to be documented. Prepare daily/weekly site-progress reports on service, overhaul or upgrade related project including progress, non-conformities, scope-changes, planning, HSE related issues and maintain close working relationship with Ship yard contractors.

Jan 2010 Till Jan 2012: Modec FPSO Kwame Nkrumah as Commissioning & Maintenance Mechanical Supervisor (Top Side) in Singapore & Ghana.Duties and Responsibilities: I was based in Singapore shipyard during the final construction and completion stage of the FPSO & was responsible for implementation & review of Pre-commissioning and Commissioning procedures, witnessing of all rotating equipment installation/alignments, oil flushing, punch listing and clearing of punch list items, line walking and red lining of P&IDs, temperature and vibration monitoring during load runs, correct internals/externals of all static equipment as per project requirements, provided technical support to vendors for commissioning of various equipment’s. I was also responsible for preservation of all rotating and static equipment & Accepted handover of all Mechanical equipment from project & construction team till the Vessel sailed to Ghana. We had 3 GTGs on the FPSO they were GE- LM2500 +G4, Output capacity of each GTG was 28.4 MV. Normally we had 2 GTGs running all the time with a capacity of 22 MV on each GTG. Maximum Power consumption on the FPSO was 46 MV at times if extra Power was needed we would run all 3 GTGs together. These GTGs were having Duel system (Diesel & Gas) Initial stage we use to run the GTGs on Diesel & once production started we started running the GTGs on Gas. On completion of Commissioning in Ghana my responsibilities changed to Mechanical/Maintenance Supervisor whereby I had to carry out maintenance activities in accordance with the Planned Preventive Maintenance System, ensuring all maintenance related activities are carried out safely, all inspection routines required by the PPMS are completed & proper records are maintained, maximizing the availability of plant equipment. Ensure that instructions given by the Maintenance Superintendent are executed and he is kept informed of progress in all work under his supervision, including the status of spare parts, stores, consumables and repairs. Liaise and cooperate with other departments, ensuring that they are made aware of all maintenance activities carried out every day. Along with day to day activities I had to give On the Job Training (OJT) to elevate skills of local employees working under me to improve their competency level. I had also to ensure that all maintenance personnel, service contractors and personnel involved in operations under the control of the Maintenance Department are provided with adequate & suitable information to carry out their work in a safe and responsible manner following the Modec HSE policies, PTW system and all isolations procedures of the plant machinery are in compliance with the “Modec Job Safety Analysis and Task Risk Assessment” (JSA/TRA) understanding their duties & are aware to follow the FPSO Waste Management Plan. In cases of equipment breakdown liaise with production to immediately respond to production requirement, ensuring that the shutdown maintenance jobs are carried out within the scheduled time frame. Manage and maintain the records of safety critical elements and ensure good performance standards. Receive and review incoming work requests and participate in the planning, scheduling and execution of Planned and Breakdown maintenance activities, determine and enter work request requirements in terms of man-hours, skill levels, materials and equipment required into AMOS and assign criticality. Carry out departmental risk management, hazard identification, risk control & participate in Safety audits and review of management systems, investigation of accidents and incidents, formulate reports and provide corrective actions. Promoting the Multi-skilled Concept & provide the OIM with advice and information in case of an emergency and assist in the coordination of Emergency Response Team.

Nov 2007 to Nov 2009: ChevronMalongo Offshore as Mechanical Advisor. Job Responsibilities: I was in charge of 6 Platforms & handling a Maintenance crew of 12 Technician. My job involved Mentoring and coaching local Angolan national, provide On Job Training to improve their competency level. Advisor and supervisor of all maintenance, planning, troubleshooting, installation and inspection of all LNG and NGL Rotating & Static Equipment, included Gas Compressors, Gas Generators Engines, Diesel Generators (Waukesha & Caterpillar Engines) Gas Turbines (Solar & Nuovo Pignone) Shipping pumps, Transfer pump, Crude oil pumps (Goulds, Afton, Sulzer). Gas cooler fans, Lube oil cooler fans, Enclosure fans, Vessels, separators, heaters, coolers, heat exchangers & valves. Provide technical support data to Maintenance Manager & Engineers onshore. Responsible for setting company maintenance policy and monitoring compliance and also initiates Maintenance Standing Instructions. Perform RCA on all failed equipment and charge hand of reliability of all equipment on different areas of responsibilities, workload, manpower availability, following priorities set by the maintenance/operation superintendents. Prepare Daily, weekly and monthly planning of maintenance and production activities on onshore LNG Production Plant and Inner Area platforms offshore. Arrange appropriate JSA & Prepare work permits required for each activity as per the Permit to Work system, Cold/Hot work, Confined space entry permit, related to platform activities. Lock out Tag our prior to start the job & ensure toolbox talks are completed for each critical work activity, in order to assure the maximum equipment availability, ensure that all maintenance work and related activities are carried out in accordance with the requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Act Regulations. Ensures that all work orders and check lists are completed with actual man-hours taken, materials used, date job completed and enter data Using Enterprise One & eProcurement Login, at the end of each shift discusses work with the Maintenance superintendents and updates him on the current situation within the assigned assets, discusses any problems requiring technical or logistical requirements and any delays in programs. Reviews stores holding and purchase requisitions of materials to improve maintenance effectiveness, playing an important role in implementing the centralized maintenance plan by providing vital inputs and feedback pertaining to the job and materials planning.

July 2006 to Oct 2007: FPSO Falcon& FPSO Kuito as Sr Mechanical Technician:Job Responsibilities: Maintain, repair and adjust all mechanical equipment onboard the FPSO. With basic ability to troubleshoot & carry out Mechanical overhauls on rotating machinery such as Water Injection pumps, Centrifugal pumps, Oil transfer pumps, Chemical pumps, Booster pumps, Instrument Air compressors, Diesel engines, Field Cranes, Shell type Heat exchangers, Fin Fan Coolers, Various kinds of Valves, also maintain all type of safety equipment on facility like Firefighting equipment, Emergency supplies, survival capsules & navigational aids. Maintenance and troubleshooting of Gas Turbines & turbine driven equipment, such as Gas compressors and Power generators & guide to resolve Turbine related problems, working in a multicultural environment. In Singapore worked on FPSO Falcon with Vendors Service Engineer in commissioning and startup of HP Gas Injection compressors & changed the inside cylinders to a higher capacity where we achieved desired result with the help of continues efforts through team work. Further carried out routine maintenance as per vendor’s recommendations, maintained log sheets for all equipment on top side while the vessel was on Anchorage in Malaysia.

Aug 2003 to June 2006: SHELL Iran Offshore as Commissioning & Maintenance Sr Mechanical Technician:on their Soroosh & Nowrooz fields. Job Responsibilities: My duties were to monitor & assist the Construction/Commissioning contractors on behalf of SHELL, both in the yard at Abu-Dhabi during construction & offshore stage in Iran. This developed into taking on commissioning activities entirely as the contractor disengaged from the project, working right to the production phase then into the Maintenance department. My job was to plans, supervises and participates in the installation, maintenance, repair and test of a wide variety of mechanical equipment including Gas Turbines, Compressors, Pumps etc, supervising the activities of Company technicians and contractors. Carry out troubleshooting of all major static and rotary equipments on the platforms doing Condition monitoring, vibration checks, alignment checks and ensuring that maintenance schedules are adhered to, records are updated & all activities are carried out in accordance with SHELL Permit to Work System following all HSE policies and procedures. My job also included coaching of local Iranian staff & provide technical support to vendors for commissioning of various equipments. Documentation done through Computerized Maintenance Management System & update equipment’s maintenance history, spare parts procurement then report to my Senior Mechanical Maintenance Engineer. We also had to maintain facility safety equipment like firefighting equipment, emergency supplies, survival capsules & navigational aids. Hydro testing of Vessels, Exchangers & Pipelines. Machining of various spares for all equipment in the Plant. Welding & Gas cutting done in emergency cases.

Jan 2002 to July 2003: Cliff Kumar Engineering India. Worked in the Fabrication & Mechanical workshop as Mechanical Supervisor.

Feb 1995 to Nov 2001: Dubai Petroleum Companyas Sr Mechanical Technician: Energy Service International. Onshore as well as Offshore & on their FSO. Job Responsibilities: Carry out Mechanical maintenance & servicing plants equipments on the Complex, work includes preventive & breakdown maintenance of power plants, gas turbine, pumps, air compressors, diesel engines, generators, alternators, vessels, tanks, valves, water plant with various pumps, firefighting equipment, various pipelines, gas plant & utilities. Maintenance & site preparation for extensive servicing/replacement activities of turbines such as Rolls Royce Avon 200 series, Solar Centaur 50, Taurus 60, Saturn, Mars, Garret and GE frame 3. Repair of Gas turbines & turbine-driven equipment, such as gas compressors & power generators, which includes condition monitoring for early fault identification. Provide mechanical support for centrifugal compressors Dresser Rand & Cooper Bessemer Bundle change. Water Injection pumps Gas turbine driven Sulzer & Weir, Seawater pumps, Centrifugal pumps, Oil transfer pumps, Chemical pumps, Reciprocating and Rotary type Instrument Air compressors Hydraulic & mechanically driven Cranes (Unit & Weatherford) various kinds of Valves, Shell type Heat exchangers   & Fin Fan Coolers. Attends daily meetings with Production personnel and other maintenance supervisors to discuss work & set work priorities to coordinate the day's activities. Participating in the planning and execution of major equipment/plant turnarounds and shutdowns. Ensures that all activities are carried out in accordance with the Company's HSC policies and procedures.

Oct 1993 to Jan 1995: Abu Dhabi Oil Companyas Sr Mechanical Technician: Mubarraz Island, Offshore. Job Responsibilities: Carried out corrective and preventive maintenance of major static and rotary equipments, Alignments & Overhaul of major pumps, gear boxes, compressors, engines, Dresser-Rand & Ingersoll-Rand Gas Injection Compressors, various pumps, Turbines, Generators, Changing various types of seals etc. While working with the Service Engineer of Dresser-Rand on the Reciprocation Compressor with rated gas discharge pressure of 7500 PSI. I have machined the drive shaft of the out Board Rotor Journal on the Delepena boring machine to a very close tolerance without removing the shaft from the gas compressor, than machined a false sleeve which was shrunk fit to the shaft, this was to upgrade the loading capacity of the Gas compressor. Machining various parts of all Oil field equipment.

April 1988 to Sept 1993: I.T.C. Machine shop Foreman: Job Responsibilities: my job involved supervising the staff, Planning, Allocating jobs, setting of machines and Breakdown maintenance.

Feb 1983 to Feb 1988: Yanbu Petromin Refinery asMachinist/Mechanical Technician. Job Responsibilities: Joined the company from the Commissioning & Start-up time and was rated as a lead Machinist in the Organisation, I was specialised in Hot Tapping in the plant, Metalising shafts & then machining them to very close tolerances, Valve grinding, Retubing Heat Exchangers Balancing of Impellers, Rotors, Fans, Pullies, etc. Worked on all machines in the machine shop & was also involved in all annual shutdowns.

Sept 1981 to Jan 1983: Worked for BPCL Refinery contractors as Pipe Fitter/Assistant Mechanic in India.


If given a chance I will set a good record by my hard work and good experience. I will be glad to furnish additional details if necessary for your kind perusal.

Kind Regards,

Blaise Gomes.

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