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Chief Engineer Marine

Shipboard Officer / Personnel / Crew
Currently Chief Engineer on the National Geographic Venture for Lindblad Expeditions. Administer the Engine Department personel, operate, maintain, and repair all shipboard and Hotel equipment. I have brought out both of their new ships and worked the kinks out of them. They are the Nat Geo Quest and the Nat Geo Venture. Both vessels are appox 2200 tons with 3600 HP main plants. 
  • Llicnensed Chief Engineer, Motors / Gas Turbine HP unlimited 16 years by 2019
  • Chief Engineer Marine at Cashman Dredging
    2017 November - Dec 2017
    operate maintain & repair all shipboard equipment
  • Refrigeration Tech type 1,2, & universal Jan 1995
Casper, Wyoming,
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