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Chief engineer

Shipboard Officer / Personnel / Crew

I am a promising candidate; possess comprehensive domestic & international experience. I enjoy hard working principles, good organizational and multi tasking skills with team building ability in achievement of objectives. I am accustomed to an environment where goals are laid down, deadlines set and effective time management is a requirement. I am excited to take up challenges and work hard to achieve tasks assigned. I am confident that with my enormous knowledge and valuable skills, I shall be able t take up the assigned functions efficiently.

In the treatment of Engineering or Administration department, I am suitable candidate to fulfill the vacancy available in your organization.  Since I am Energetic and a dynamic candidate you will find in me the most suitable person to recruit

Please review detailed history of my career to-date with the organizations and the roles undertaken so far that gibes you a complete insight into my career evolution. I humbly welcome the opportunity to discuss with you about my previous roles, my potential & also the career prospects in your organization.

Thank you for your time and thoughtfulness

Sincerely yours,

Valentyn Korolyov

                      CURRICULUM VITAE



        SURNAME:             Korolyov                                                                                               DATE OF BIRTH:       06/02/1974

FIRST NAMES:      Valentyn                                                                                                MARITAL STATUS:   Married                      NATIONALITY:     Ukrainian                                                                                              POSITION:                  Chief engineer                                                    



 To associate with a progressive organization that gives me scope to apply my knowledge and skills along with hard work and patience, and to be involved as part of a team that works sincerely towards growth of the establishment. To work with a goal- oriented team that can provide challenging environment and career oriented growth paths for learning and servicing. Assist in the growth and development in every aspect possible. Perform my job with the highest dedication and workmanship as required and asked of me. Work as a team in accomplishing our project goals and all around mission.

                                    CAREER PROFILE

  • Fifteen years of experience of sea service including 8 years of experience as a Chief Engineer on Tugs, Anchor Handling Tugs Supply and Safety Vessels (AHTSS) and Jack-up Barges.
  • Detail-oriented, efficient and organized professional with extensive experience in engineering maritime.
  • Excellent ability to maintain all machinery works, Handling offshore jobs.
  • Possess strong analytical and problem solving skills, with the ability to make well thought out decisions.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Highly trustworthy, discreet and ethical.


  • Solid Materials Managements Skills(machinery and personals)
  • Dedication and honesty as well as hard- working Individual
  • Always eager to take the challenger that require good performance.


2015(March) and Still

Aqua Diving Services (UAE) on self –elevating Jack up /2015y new building barge of Chief engineer position. Have maintenance of Cummins engines (Main and axially machinery of Engine room and deck).Hydraulic power pack for four Legs operations. Deck crane operators if have necessary .Organization on shipyard work and planning job analyzes for all engine department also sea trails work final and completed ABS & RINA approvals also Aramco inspection of KSA

Responsible to ensure that all electrical generating propulsions, jacking, auxiliary machinery and services are safely running and operational.

Ensure that proper and safe operating procedures for all machinery are followed.

Diagnose, identify and ensure all machinery problems in the field are corrected promptly.

Direct preventive maintenance programs on all machinery to ensure that the vessel achieves maximum performance and availability for the user department and is maintained in class by the American Bureau of Shipping Standards for Offshore Mobile Platforms.

2013(April) and 2015(January)

Zamil Offshore Company (KSA) on Jack Up Boat barge(2012 year construction) as Chief engineer. Supervise the Engine Room crew, identify the jobs to be performed and ensure that preventive maintenance is carried out safely and efficiently on main propulsion and auxiliary machineries. Verify and sign engine room log book daily and maintain all machinery history record in accordance with the preventive maintenance schedule and good engineering practice.

Ensure that all safety equipment on board the vessel is operational and that all engine room personnel are familiar with the operation of this equipment and are trained to react in the event of hydrocarbon gas release or fire and are familiar with lifeboat drills.

Participate in the training of Saudi Arabs from new hire until they attain the full job of the position of Chief Engineer.
M/E HND TBD 620V12& Caterpillar 3212B.barge class Elephant).In my duties was electronics parts (including electricians’). I was operation of 3 Legs hydraulics systems ”Siemens” Maintenance with PMM program with TASK systems Assisters for special job on platform (could tubing operation)

2011(June) and 2013(April)

Hercules Offshore Company (USA) on Lift Boat barges as Chief engineer. Verify consumable and spare parts stock level and prepare necessary paper work for re-issue of the used and additional items. Review spare parts lists regularly to ensure they are up-to-date and will support installed equipment.

Work directly with the Master to ensure that the Unit is always in the proper loaded condition for sailing, jacking and stabilizing on location.

M/E Caterpillar 3508B I am organization and communication of engine department. In my duties added electrical parts (working without electricians’).Also I am operator of Legs (4 and 3) Jack up Jack down operations. I have good experience with install new equipment on board including install Cranes, hydraulics systems on operate on legs.Doc Sharjah Making purchase requisition and reporting available stock Coordinating delivery and preparing working list Maintaining on critical days works and arranging engine room Good knowledge hydraulic system maintenance and adjusting. . Stay in shipyard management with shipyard workers. Planning and controls of hard job. Working near platforms at sea.

2010(Dec) and 2011(May.)

Go Offshore Marine Group Company (Australia) on AHTS as Chief engineer. Was goodexperience about supply big Seismic ship without stop us ships. All operations were at sea and at moved. I was keep good maintaining engine department day to day works and arranging all machinery activities. Also I was preparations ship for these job at dry dock including many inspections (Solas ,IBI,….) engine documents.2x Caterpillar 3516B. DP 2

2009(May) and 2010(Oct.)

Bourbon Offshore Surf Company (French) on FSIV & PSV & ANTS-DP 2 as Chief engineer. My duties consist of the implementation of the company policies as contained within the Fleet Standing Instructions, company manuals, all machinery related matters of operations safety and environmental protection’s/E 4xCummins 50KTA-M2.& YZC-800FL.Used DP-2 systems. Operation Z-dive motors .Diesel-electro AHTS DP-2. Responsible for the image according to the company’s policy

2008(Sept) and 2009(Apr)

Tidewater Marine International  (USA) on AHTS vessel as Chief engineer. My duties consist of safety of the crew, machinery and environment directly within his control. Analyzing purchase requisition and goods received notes Preparing day-to-day invoice The safeguarding of the owner’s and company’s interest at all times/E 2 x EMD 16-645E7, 5750 kW..DP

2004(Oct) and 2008(Aug)

Employed by Saffron Maritime (British Company SAGA Shipping Co.LTD.) on SAGA cruise liners as 2 and Staff Chief Engineer. My duties consist of regular watches on him M/E, electrical, electronic and control engineering. I am in complete charge of the entire watch (M/E 2xSulzer, 24,000 kW). I have acted up as Staff Chief my duties including management of all the machinery and engine room crew.

2004 (Feb-Aug)

National Iranian Tanker Company (Iran) on a GRT 360,000-tonne Super-tanker as 3rd Eng. (M/E Sulzer, 36,220 kW). My duties consisted of care of auxiliary engines and boilers and watches, regular UMS operation, completely automated class A1.

2002 (Feb) and 2003 (Sept)

Target Maritime Company (Greece). I worked on two ships in this company, a container and a refrigerated ship as 3 Eng. (M/E Sulzer on both ships). My duties consisted of watches, including the operation of all machinery and systems and bunker operations. Also was experience on Heavy Lift ship Ribex Marine Company(Bulgaria)with main engine Pielstick 2x2200 kW.

2000 (Jul) and 2001(Dec)

Arcalia LTD (Portugal) on cruise liners as 3rd Eng. (M/E 2xSulzer, 22,000 kW). My duties consisted watches and responsibility for the ordering of spare parts and general supplies.

1996(Jul) and 2000(Apr)

Iranian Marine Service on a tankers ships as 3 engineer (M/E Sulzer, 20,000 kW). My duties consisted of watches and responsibility for deck machinery and equipment. Welding and turner good practices


  • Diploma:     First Class Engineer and relevant certificates. BSc Engineering, and a Class 1 Unlimited Chief Engineer Certificate of Competency (COC). The certificate valid and in accordance with STCW-95 requirements.


1992-1999    Odessa State Maritime Academy where I studied to become an engineer and marine mechanic. During my studies I undertook four work experiences (17 months in total), twice as a cadet, once as a motorman and a pre-diploma work experience as third engineer.

1989-1992     Odessa Marine Technical College where I studied the skills of motorman, turner and welder. During   my studies I had three work experiences (7 months in total), twice as a cadet and once as a motorman.

                                             ADDITIONAL SKILLS

English – good (write, read, speak) Total command in oral and written/

Russian –good (write, read, speak)

Ukraine- good (write, read, speak)

Computer – good computer skills and knowledge of marine program (management, spare parts, DP-system, electrical and electronic equipment. DocSea, Task Assistants

Experience in making repairs, including turner and welding work (job at dry dock) experience as storekeeper. Diesel-Electro ship.

Experience in working with foreign crews: Arabian, Greek, Italian, Filipino, Portuguese, British, French, American, Indian, more…Understanding all positions and religions per country.

Experience in offshore: anchor handling, transfer: cement, mud, and borate any cargo to platform and tankers. Lift boat Jack up barges. Hydraulic operation & maintenance.

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