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Executive Summary

Served a career in Naval Special Warfare as a qualified SEAL. More than 20 years of military experience, highlighted by 15 years as a US Navy SEAL with tours of duty on both East and West coast SEAL Teams that included service on a submersible delivery vehicle team and a special mission unit. Since military retirement, provides security consulting services to private industry and government agencies. Contracted for Subject Matter Expertise (SME) and as Lead Consultant on a range of security related tasks and projects. 

Experienced providing security risk management at the executive level. International experience working in permissive, semi-permissive, and non-permissive environments. Exceptional communication and computer skills. 

Demonstrated experience in execution of key project areas.  Ability to work effectively in a matrix organization and departmental organization.  Ability to work independently and under general direction. 

Additional experience, skill sets, and core competencies include the following:

  • Developed and maintained working relationships with appropriate levels of government/ministry officials, law enforcement, intelligence, international security agencies and private sector counterparts worldwide.
  • Directed and developed effective global strategy to assess and mitigate strategic, tactical and operational related security risks and vulnerabilities.
  • Planned, equipped, trained, established standard operating procedures and executed management of crisis incidents while maintaining security operations and force protection.
  • Directed an international staff, company, and external resources in identifying, developing and maintaining security processes and practices. Improved policies, procedures, and training to mitigate risks, respond to incidents, and limit exposure and liability in all areas of information, financial, physical, personal and reputational risk.
  • Researched and deployed state-of-the-art technology solutions and innovative security management techniques to safeguard organization assets to include intellectual property and trade secrets.

Experience Detail                                                                                          July 2002 – To Present


Hired to provide oversight on Law Enforcement Leadership Seminars and Management courses being generated for a West African nation under the Department of State (DoS), GATA (Global Antiterrorism Training Assistance) program.

  • Generated law enforcement leadership curriculum on subjects such as Management Theory, Types of Plans and Strategic Planning.
  • Developed data base methodology for quantifying and qualifying competition data.
  • Created a modeling tool for analyzing competition
  • Introduced a program to integrate value chain theories to QA process.

Contracted to provided SME and Senior Lead Consultant services in anti-piracy, maritime- interdiction, and port security management services to the Department of State (DoS), Anti-Terrorism Assistance (ATA) Program.

  • Designed curriculum and managed implementation of basic and advanced maritime interdiction training for Kenyan local law enforcement, intelligence agencies, and special operations units.
  • Provided DoS GATA Port Security Management curriculum to law enforcement, intelligence agencies, and special operations units in Djibouti and Tunisia.

Contracted as a security manager to protect a major news organization’s personnel and equipment in Port au Prince (PaP) Haiti during earthquake recovery operations. 

  • Organized and supervised hundreds of successful PSD movements.
  • Advised the news agency PaP Bureau Chief in the scale-down operations.
  • Providing supply chain and logistical movement experience to accommodate a safe exit strategy for personnel and equipment.

Contracted by private and publicly traded oil companies as Lead Security Consultant in Kurdistan Iraq.

  • Organized ministry liaison for senior executive personnel.
  • Assessed and made recommendations to supply chain management.
  • Researched, down-selected, contracted and managed KRG security companies.
  • Provided area reconnaissance, collected/analyzed/disseminated area specific information.
  • Developed policies and standard operating procedures.
  • Planned emergency evacuation logistics.
  • Managed PSD for VIPs and Force Protection Elements.
  • Organized meeting schedules and situation briefs for visiting senior executive personnel, and provided written daily reports and verbal recommendation to higher authority.
  • Directed a 100 man KRG Peshmerga force protecting company personnel conducting seismic survey of the region.
  • Provided force protection during training of indigenous personnel for tasks such as land survey, deployment/ recovery of geo-phone, explosive drilling operations, and etc.
  • Managed security during camp building operations and designed force protection standard operating procedures.
  • Provided management and supervision in all aspects of security for seismic survey operations.

Contracted to provide vulnerability assessments from an adversarial perspective at several ports within the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

  • Ensuring force protection policies and procedures were in concert with port master plans.
  • These assessments were used exclusively to assist the Higher Committee members in the UAE to determine the direction of Port Security Strategic Planning in that country.

 Contracted SME by the Naval Education & Training, Security Assistance Field Activity (NETSAFA) team as a combat swimmer/diving instructor.

  • Assisted in developing and administering curriculum for a Combat Swimmer Course of Instruction, specifically designed for Kazakhstan Naval Personnel through the Military Coordinating Office of the U.S. Embassy, Kazakhstan.  
  • Assessed Combat Swimmer Program of Instruction (POI) for language, interpretation, and content as well as serving as Special Operations Advisor for the course.

Provided Force Protection Management to NATO Coalition Forces at Camp Al Rustamiyah in Southeast Baghdad. 

  • Completed a First Responder combat medical course from 101 Airborne. 
  • Team Leader for Personal Security Details (PSD)
  • Managed, directed, and supervised 120 Third Country Nationals (TCN’s).
  • Developed strategic plans along with policies and standard operating procedures.
  • Directed and implemented upgrades to security infrastructure, emergency contingency plans for action and security force training.
  • Provided observable information reports on local population to US and NATO Forces for analysis.
  • Developed, analyzed and implemented transition plans and procedures for Iraqi Security Forces.

Provided SME and Lead Consultant to the US Coast Guard.

  • Under Congressional Mandate, tasked with conducting vulnerability assessments and generated follow-on reports to USCG Headquarters for evaluation by Congress.
  • Instrumental in developing a “terrorist perspective” methodology of report writing.
  • Created and evaluated risk modeling tools.
  • Team Leader for the USCG Port Security Assessment Program.
  • Worked with US Coast Guard, local Port Authority, local law enforcement, and first responders in conducting port vulnerability assessments to several of the top 55 ports in the US
  • Individually selected to conducted a vulnerability assessment of the Port of Umm Qasr, Iraq under combat conditions.  
  • Contracted by DHS to conduct Comprehensive Reviews on nuclear power and chemical plants across the US.

Foster-Miller Inc.                                                                                        January 1999 – July 2002

  • Business Development Manager for the Design Systems Integration Group at Foster-Miller, Inc., Program manager for Phase I & II SBIR (Small Business Innovative Research) programs for the US Special Operations Command.  
  • Principal investigator for the US Coast Guard harbor security and drug interdiction research & development program and US Navy Very Shallow Water Mine Countermeasures (VSW MCM) programs providing subject matter expertise during engineering design and testing phases.
  • Introduced and demonstrated safe and efficient advantages of tactical mobile robotics (becoming the TALON robots) to SFOR personnel engaged in high-risk combat support operations in Bosnia-Herzegovina (B&H).
  • Authored and implemented a training program for US and International law enforcement agencies in the use of nonlethal net entanglement technology. 


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