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Maritime Jobs is a targeted, cost-effective employment solution for employers in the maritime industry. We offer a wide variety of plans to fill single positions or aid company-wide recruitment efforts. Over the past ten years, more than two million users have been to the site to post job listings, view resumes, and find jobs.

Competitively priced “a la carte” options offer instant access to quality candidates, and allows users to promote their job listing on the site via email and social media. Urgent job vacancies can be enhanced with increased online presence;, including home page exposure, priority search visibility, increased email alerts, and a post on our popular Maritime Jobs Facebook page (46,700 likes).Employer packages are the ideal recruitment tools for companies in need of qualified maritime personnel; with online job listings and email news placements (including a company logo,) plus social media postings to multiple accounts and platforms, as well as print listings.

Our network of business media spans the globe, with print and digital publications, websites, email news, apps, and an extensive array of social media platforms. Leverage the power of the industry’s largest maritime publishing group to deliver immediate, proven recruiting results.

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