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Naval Engineer

Chesapeake, VA, Usa

Hubert L Hood Jr.36 year veteran of US Coast Guard Service serving in enlisted, warrant officer, and commissioned officer positions at various US Coast Guard installations, ashore and afloat. During career, served in positions of increasing leadership and responsibility.


Objective: Seeking Marine Chief EngineerQualifications:USCG - Unlimited HP( Uninspected Chief Engineer) USCG 200 ton Master Motor and SailSTCW-95 (International Safety at Sea Training)USCG STCW Advanced Fire FightingUSCG STCW Survival CraftUSCG…


Jamestown, Tennessee, US

OBJECTIVE: To secure a long-term position on a vessel that would enable me to utilize my extensive experience and training. Since I currently hold a 1600/3000 GT Masters License, with a A Master of Tow inland and great lakes. To be part of a productive and safety-conscious crew.

USCG200ton Master(500 ITC), AB lifeboatman

USCG 200 ton Master(500ITC),AB Lifeboatman, Unlimited Radar/ARPA, GMDSS, TWIC,STCW,ENG1,

Facility security officer, HAZMAT, Chemical plant operator

References:NameEmployerTitlePhoneEmailChad Yeamans(*)USCGLieutenant7132998231Brad Parker(*)USCGBoatswains Mate7578795482Marty DurfeyPress Operator4192657344Terry Ledford(*)CelaneseOperator7043001597Josh HenesHouse of MeatsButcher4193400243(*) Indicates professional reference

Boatswains Mate

Virginia Beach, VA, United States

In the Coast Guard, I obtained many skills such as leadership, work ethic, and communication skills. I am used to working in extreme weather conditions. My job in the USCG consisted of deck maintenance, small boat operations, navigations, and supervising all personnel assigned in my department.

U.S. Coast Guard (ret)

Alameda, Ca, USA

Project Management, Training Development, Instructor IntroductionConsistently successful leader who excels in resource management, planning, quality assurance, and problem solving. Military veteranof 24yearswith a focus onnaval engineering and 22+ yearsof management experience.

Maritime Business/Safety/Security Specialist

South Carolina

maritime business professionalIncreasing waterfront productivity through Leadership and TeamworkAward-winning leader with extensive safety operations, emergency, security, and general management experience in the public and private maritime sector.

OSV Captain/DPO

Livingston, Texas, United States

USCG Licensed Mariner USCG Licensed 1600T/6000T ITC OSV Master Near-Coastal w/1600T/3000T ITC Mate Upon Oceans issued by NMC Unlimited DP Certificate issued from Nautical Institute 19 years of offshore experience on miscellaneous vessel platforms from supply vessels and crew boats to anchor boats, r


Bellingham, Wa, Usa

Objectivefull,part time,seasonal, vessel movesExperience30+ years maritime industry 25 yrs as a licenced deck officer, 2nd mate ,chief mate, master. Unblemished record with uscg ! Education2 years of college level Certificationunlimited radar, arpa, first class pilot, stcw..

1600/3000 master ocean also master towing

Ketchikan, AK, USA

Objective captain/ mate2015 mate 125ft ocean tug salmon bay tug an bargeExperience tidewater 2014-2015 master 220 dp osv with z drivesOsv Captain tidewater Brazil 2006 Mate misner marine tug Evergreen timber heavy equipment operator Wester pioneer mate coastal freighter EducationCertificationMaster

Mate Master of Towing

Cheif Mate , Master of Towing Offshore - Tankerman PIC USCG 1600 GT NC , 20 years experience.Well rounded , all current documents , Drug and Alco free . Leader Healthy and High Energy.AAA+ references and Perfect safety record.

marine electronics

Woodbine, New Jersey, US

Summary__________________________________________________________________________Marine ElectronicsTechnician with over 30 years of experience, FCC GROL with Radar Endorsement.Highlights_________________________________________________________________________Sales…

Tugboat Captain/Master

California, US

Objective To obtain a position within an organization utilizing my expertise and experience as a Tugboat Tugboat Captain.Skills and Qualification • Single and Twin Screw Conventional, Voith and ASD Harbor Tugs 1500-5000 HP 78'-153' length• Tandem and Single tows…

Business Development

Massachusetts, Usa

December 2003 through July 2016: L-3 Communications Henschel Provide Ship Control, Navigation Communications, Monitoring & Sensor products to USN, USCG and select international platforms; Positions Held includes: Sales & Marketing Manager (2 yrs)…

Port Engineer

Objective: To peruse a career in landside operational engineering.Professional Work Experience:• Edison Chouest Offshore...............................................................................April 2013- PresentChief Engineer OSVOfficer in charge of engineering department.

Chief Mate Rowan

I want to continue working in an environment where I can apply my education and knowledge of the maritime industry, eventually culminating in a future position as Master on new generation DP drilling vessels. Dynamic Positioning Officer “Unlimited” with over 30000 hours documented DP time on OSV…

2nd Engineer at Tidewater Marine

2nd Engineer aboard the M/V Paul W Murrill in the Gulf of Mexico, a Diesel Electric Offshore Supply Vessel, contracted to drill ships and other oil rigs. Responsible as the engineer in charge of night watch as well as other personnel and ordering supplies.

Senior Project Manager, Entrepreneur

Over 15 years of experience as a technology, business and project management individual in the aerospace, commercial, electronics manufacturing, and IT industries. Product Development: Intelliboat Wireless Ladder Sensors. Developed, Designed, Prototype, Production and ready to market.